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From residential jobs to federally-funded highways, and everything in between, we have done it all. Whether your project is big or small, we have the experience to meet your needs.

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Producing quality concrete and providing premium customer service is what we do best. From complete concrete mix designs to water reducers and non-chloride accelerators, we have the experience, the team and products to do it all. Give us a call for your custom quote today.



We offer a large variety of concrete mix designs and compressive strengths to fulfill all your commercial, residential and infrastructure needs.



Synthetic fibers help to improve concrete’s resistance to shrinkage which in turn helps reduce cracking. In concrete’s hardened state, synthetic fibers help to lower the permeability of the concrete and increase its abrasion resistance.

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Water Reducers

Water-reducing admixtures allow for the production of higher-slump concrete, for easier placement and workability, while also maintaining a lower water/cement ratio to provide the necessary compressive strength for your concrete.

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Commonly used when temperatures are higher and cause concrete to harden faster, retarding admixtures provide uniform control of the setting time. Placing and finishing personnel benefit from longer working times and increased finishing characteristics.

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Expansion Joint

Expansion joints are put in place before the concrete is poured then permit movement of concrete structures to help minimize cracking and extend the life of your concrete.

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Non-Chloride Accelerators

Accelerating admixtures are used to improve the setting time and early compressive strength of concrete mixes.

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Hot or Chilled Water

At Greenhill Concrete, we are capable of heating or chilling our concrete mix water in order to help with the set time and protect your concrete during cold or hot weather placements.

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We also offer ice in several dosages as an additional method of cooling the mix during hot weather.

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